Bailey's Diesel

Morris Motors is proud to be a partner of the Baileys Diesel Group.

Baileys Diesel Workshop BluePrinted Injectors

Bailey’s diesel group was established in 1972 & with over 40 years experience makes them an industry leader in Diesel Combustion Technology. We have had a long association with Baileys & we install many of their diesel products right here in our diagnostic equipped workshop.

Baileys Blueprinted Diesel Injectors are, quite simply, the best injector you can buy for your common rail diesel engine. Their precision-engineered injectors deliver unbeatable performance at half the price of a faory injector. Bailey’s other products include fuel pumps, injector lines, secondary fuel filter systems, turbos & more.

Bailey's Diesel partner

Our partnership with Baileys Diesel group insures that you have access to the best diesel products & technology right here in Goulburn Valley, central & northern parts of Victoria.







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