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Available for 200 series, Hilux, Prado & Fortuner

Morris Motors is the proud Stocklock torque convertor lock up dealer for Northern & Central Victoria. With the combination of many years experience in diesel performance & a huge investment in state of the art test equipment, allows us to make good vehicles even better.

What is torque convertor slippage & what does a lock up kit do?

Many of you would notice the tacho in your vehicle fluctuating/flaring under load or driving on undulating roads. A lot of the time this isn’t the vehicle down shifting, but potentially the torque convertor in your automatic transmission locking & unlocking. When the torque convertor is locked, it basically provides direct drive to your wheels similar to a manual vehicle. When the torque convertor is unlocked it has the opposite effect similar to that of a slipping clutch in a manual vehicle, not only does this restrict the drive to the wheels it also creates a massive heat spike in your transmission temperatures & an excess in your fuel consumption.

A lock up kit consists of several electronic components that are wired into the vehicles transmission lock up solenoid, which effectively locks & keeps locked the torque convertor at a set point. We generally set the torque convertor to lock up at 84km/hr and above & once below 78 km/hr it will automatically unlock & resume the transmissions lock & unlock procedures as normal. Up & down gear shift operation still remains – it’s only the slippage in those gears that is removed when the system activates. (a high/low system is also available for sand driving that will engage at a lower speed, when used in sports shift manual mode)

The standard Stocklock torque converter lockup kit is fully automated meaning it turns on & off automatically & can also be completely turned off with a push of factory style button at any time. This system is the most technologically advanced lockup kit on the market using pulse width modulation to give a soft start and slow release when locking & unlocking. Pulse width modulation also gives the ability to control the solenoid at half the amperage leaving the lockup solenoid at about half the temperature to that of dc units. Using logics to control the unit gives us the ability to run two systems in harmony not switching one on and another off which also stops the voltage spiking to your ECM.

When diagnostic load testing these kits & eliminating the slippage we see transmission temps nearly halve. Other noticeable improvements we see are fuel economy & generally 10% extra power delivered to the wheels on our Dyno, just by removing slippage without one single engine modification.

We have been installing & testing transmission torque convertor lock up kits for many years now & the Stocklock system is by far the most reliable when it comes to annoying transmission codes & its operation is seamless, compared to others we have tested. Correctly installed & tested this system is second to none & the only regret we get from customers - is they wish they had installed one sooner!

Below are examples of the extra power delivered to the wheels on our Dyno – standard versus lock up kit (no other engine mods).

Still have questions? Please give us a call on (03) 5853 1555 or drop into our showroom.

Stock Lock - Lock Up Kits

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