Morris Motors is proud to offer performance ECU Remapping and AWD Dyno tuning for common rail diesels. For the uninitiated and those looking into car ECU tuning and remapping for the first time, the best place to start is to define what exactly we are doing and how we are doing it. In a nutshell, we are updating and modifying the car’s’ engine control unit. This is the ECU. The ECU is the computer that takes information from all of the car’s sensors and driver inputs and defines the operating parameters for the engine. Constantly analysing things like oxygen in exhaust gases, throttle inputs, ambient and engine temperatures, fuelling requirements and many more, the ECU is constantly delivering the optimum outputs by assessing these inputs and delivering information back to the car.

ECU Remapping is a process that involves numerous changes to the engine software in your cars computer. Correct software changes can provide safe gains in power and even economy in some cases. When a manufacturer develops a new car they have to take into consideration all the conditions it may be exposed to. This means instead of just optimising the ECU’s program or ‘map’ to deliver the best performance or the most fuel efficiency they have to make compromises that may allow for sub-standard fuels, extreme temperatures and altitude and even different emission laws in each country.


This one is easy. Correct ECU remapping dramatically improves engine torque and power. Day to day, this means better throttle response, less perceptible turbo lag, a wider or more accessible torque curve and generally a more exciting car to live with. Removing unnecessary engine restrictions can drastically improve the performance of your car, often without needing to add additional modifications like upgraded exhausts, intercoolers or injectors.

The other benefits of ECU Remapping are often improved fuel economy. A broader torque band can impact the ability of the engine to respond with less throttle inputs which can improve real world fuel consumption figures.

ECU remapping can modify fuel injection timing and duration, ignition timing, absolute boost and boost delivery as well as throttle input maps and torque limiting maps. A modern engine can have thousands of parameters that are available to the knowledgeable tuner. Compared to modifications that are made downstream of the ECU, remapping still keeps all the original safety controls and alarms but allows us to take full control of all of the available tuning parameters to deliver a transformed driving experience.

TUNES and TUNING COMPANIES ARE NOT ALL THE SAME - we see this with years of experience. Safely remapping your vehicle is a process that should be taken seriously and you can’t afford to get it wrong. We drive and test our own vehicles on a daily basis and with genuine interest in performance vehicle tuning our expectations are high. Morris Motors only aligns itself with the best tooling and software on the market, combine this with years of tuning experience, state of the art diagnostic equipment including an All-wheel Drive Dyno and you know the jobs going to be done right.


How Safe Is It?

Remapping a common rail diesel vehicle can be one of the safest performance modifications you can do, providing it’s checked and done correctly. Our ECU remapping process includes a full vehicle health check with our state of the art diagnostic equipment and Chassis Dyno (ALL Wheel Drive). We Dyno test your vehicle checking current injector tolerances, air fuel ratio and boost pressures to name a few. Once we have given your vehicle a clean bill of health we then safely custom tune/remap the vehicle depending on our customer’s requirements. When completed a Dyno sheet is printed for you, clearly identifying the gains of your vehicle’s before and after performance.

Morris Motors literally invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in test equipment including our test vehicles. By consistently driving, towing and testing these vehicles on a day to day basis, enables us a more hands on approach when it comes to the safety, reliability and development of our tuning products.

What are the performance and economy gains?

Tuning with reliability in mind most turbo diesel vehicles will see gains of at least 20% however some very restricted models can safely exceed 50%. Gains in fuel economy reports between 10 and 20% in some vehicles depending on driving characteristics.

ECU Remapping Vs Plug in Chips

Most chips are fitted down stream of the ECU and can’t edit or remove the restrictions set in the ECU by the factory. There are thousands of parameters in a ECU and when remapping a vehicle it’s the amount of which some of these parameters are changed that gives you the best result whilst still retaining your vehicles reliability and safety alarms.

At least one in five vehicles we see for remapping have chips fitted, before removing these chips we often Dyno these vehicles to prove the gains that proper ECU remapping can provide.

Can someone remove or delete my vehicles performance remap?

In short “yes” it’s rare and we have only ever seen this happen on a couple of occasions where manufacturers have software issues and need to upgrade. Depending on the upgrade and situation we can normally replace your performance file at no charge however its best to talk to us first before you allow this software upgrade to take place.

Can I return my vehicle to standard?

Yes we can turn your vehicle back to its original state of tune for whichever reason.

Still have questions? Please give us a call on (03) 5853 1555 or drop into our showroom.

Landcruiser 200 Series on a Dyno


To provide you with the best possible performance result whilst still retaining the reliability of your vehicle.

Give us a call today on (03) 5853 1555 or drop into our showroom to discuss your performance needs.

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