Morris Motors offers a full range of Suspension and Exhaust Upgrades to make the most of your vehicle's performance and towing. We also perform full pre-trip inspections and can offer advice for on-trip maintenance.

45mm Adjustable Shock Absorber


We recommend and install Tough Dog 4WD Suspension. We use and test this in our own vehicles for towing and off-road.


Setting up a 4WD suspension system isn’t all about the added gains on the tape measure. Tough Dog products are specifically designed and engineered to deliver a complete suspension solution, not only for off-road clearance, but for ride quality, handling and load carrying capabilities as well.

Tough Dog suspension products provide the ability to create a tailored suspension package that can transform your vehicle, regardless of how you use it.

Tough Dog have developed a product to suit just about every possible application. In most vehicles, we offer multiple shock and spring options to fine-tune every aspect of a particular package as well as a range of other specialised and optional accessories. Setting up your vehicle’s suspension can be a mine-field of pitfalls, misinformation and wrong turns. The largest consideration is always the weight carried, and it’s often the undoing of a well put together vehicle. When it comes to getting yours kitted out, it certainly pays to speak to a Tough Dog distributor to discuss your specific needs.


After testing for endurance and performance, we only recommend and install quality exhaust systems. Our view is there’s no point putting an exhaust system on a vehicle unless it removes the restrictions that some standard vehicles have and makes a difference to performance. The systems we choose fit up first time and we can usually cater for customer sound and noise requirements.

Picture of an installed exhaust system


Ensure your next trip or caravanning holiday goes smoothly and have our experienced and equipped workshop inspect your vehicle. We check all vital parts of your vehicle to ensure they will make the distance with you. We provide a full report of any items that require your attention and our workshop can assist in repair or replacement if required.

Morris Motors Land Cruiser hitched to a Caravan

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